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Air Freshener
  • Iconic Jet shaped air freshener
  • Scent lasts up to 30 days

  • Fragrance: Strawberry
  • Ideal for hanging from your rear-view mirror
  • Scratch and smell before you purchase

Product Code: 52 JJH006

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Strawberries, easily everyone's favourite because of their scent, juiciness and the sweetness of their flavour. Now you can take that scent everywhere! Our Hang-It Strawberry Air Freshener was formulated to ooze out that super fresh strawberry fragrance and maintain freshness always! The hanger feature makes a perfect accessory wherever you hang it. The long-lasting fragrance is fresh for up to 45 days and ever-present.
Jelly Jet Air Freshener


Jelly Jets air fresheners are available
throughout New Zealand.
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