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Air Freshener
  • Iconic Jet shaped air freshener
  • Scent lasts up to 30 days

  • Fragrance: Blueberry
  • Ideal for hanging from your rear-view mirror
  • Scratch and smell before you purchase

Product Code: 52 JJH003

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The beauty of blueberry is not in its sharp blue colour or its burst of flavour when eaten; its encapsulating scent is one of the reasons why no one can get enough of it. We have captured the essence of blueberry and its uniqueness and moulded it into the iconic jet shaped Hang-It Blueberry Air Freshener. The versatility of the hanger allows the freshener to be suitable for use anywhere and everywhere! Hang it in your cars, boats, homes, offices or RVs. The long-lasting fragrance is fresh for up to 45 days and ever-present.
Jelly Jet Air Freshener


Jelly Jets air fresheners are available
throughout New Zealand.
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