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Bubble Gum

Air Freshener
  • Iconic Jet shaped air fresheners
  • Scent lasts up to 30 days

  • Fragrance: Bubble Gum
  • Easily clips onto car air vent
  • Scratch and smell before you purchase

Product Code: 52 JJC001

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This sweet fragrance of our bubble gum jet-shaped air freshener fills up your car with a subtle and delightful scent while you drive. This Clip-It version is incredibly efficient and lasts long enough to give you 45 days of freshness. Clip it to your car vent and turn on your AC for maximum effect. Your drive just got better! It may not be able to eliminate traffic, but it can eliminate bad car odours that tend to hitch a ride. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness once you clip it! Your drives will never be the same.
Jelly Jet Air Freshener


Jelly Jets air fresheners are available
throughout New Zealand.
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