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Jelly Jets Bubble Gum Air Freshener hanging from car mirror


from your mirror

Jelly Jets clipped on car air vent


to your air vent

Jelly Jets Sparkle


Add some sparkle to your ride!


Every fruit has a hidden scent, that refreshing burst of freshness we can’t always explain. What if you could trap those refreshing burst of flavours, that special wisp that every fruit gives when you cut into it? At Jelly Jets, we've made it our mission to trap that freshness and turn it into something that lasts.

We are continuously looking for ways to capture scents and bring them into your homes, offices, caravans, boats and RVs. Each jet shaped air freshener is made with love and meticulousness. Each of them has its own fresh and fruity element. If you love the flavour, then you will love the scent!
All our nine jet-shaped scents will leave your rides and homes smelling unbelievably delightful. Our exciting fragrances gradually fill the area and take over your space in an enticing way.

Jelly Jet Air Freshener


Jelly Jets air fresheners are available
throughout New Zealand.
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